Ilkeston family claim vet put down their dog by mistake

Linda Winson with her son Ray.
Linda Winson with her son Ray.

A devastated family claims their pet dog was put down by an Ilkeston vet by mistake.

Ray Winson, of Sudbury Avenue, says his mother Linda, 76, had taken her beloved Pomeranian, Bella, to Jamieson Veterinary Services because she was shaky on her legs and slightly breathless.

He said: “As soon as they got there they ushered her into the examination room. The first thing they did was shave Bella’s front leg.

“Mum was then asked if she had signed the paperwork. She signed it unbeknownst that it was the dog’s death warrant. Mum was holding the dog thinking they were putting her under for an examination. Then the vet asked if she could collect the ashes tomorrow. She walked out of the room crying her eyes out.”

The Tiser contacted the Stanton Road-based vets, which said it could not discuss the case due to confidentially reasons.

But it stressed that an animal would never be put to sleep unless a consent form has been signed.

However, Mr Winson said that no questions were asked and he believes they may have put down the wrong dog.

“Even if that had been the case there should have been a consultation. They were in there for less than a minute,” he said.

He said the family have been left shocked by seven-year-old Bella’s death and have written a complaint to the practice.

Christine Jamieson, practice manager, said she was sorry the ‘lady had lost her dog’ but said: “Our policy is never to put an animal to sleep unless the owner has signed a consent form. They had time to read the consent form, it’s very simple.”