Ilkeston has enough homes


With reference to the Erewash Borough Council proposed housing development in the Quarry Hill Road and Pewit/Ilkeston West areas of the town.

Has anyone done the maths regarding this development?

If both developments go ahead there will be 500 houses built on Quarry Hill Road, 700 houses built on Pewit/Ilkeston West and later, if plans for the development of 2,000 plus houses on the St Gobain Stanton Ironworks site are put forward and accepted, that will mean over 3,200 houses could be built in Ilkeston by the year 2026.

This is well over half of the EBC requirement of 6,000 new homes being built in our town.

Taking into account the fact that there have been four other major housing developments in Ilkeston in the last few years – Park Road, Corporation Road, Longfield Lane and lower Heanor Road – I think that the total figure is nearing 5,000 new houses and it seems to me that Ilkeston is being made to carry too much of the burden of housing development. There must be other sites for EBC to investigate.

As with all large-scale housing developments, for the local council it is a ‘win-win’ situation, in that they obtain funds from the housing developer and then council tax from the residents once the houses have been sold or let.

This development will leave the residents of Ilkeston having to send their children to overcrowded schools, with fewer recreational areas for children and adults alike, with fewer areas for wildlife to thrive – but the thought of foxes and badgers coming into your garden and then being stuck in traffic jams twice a day trying to get to and from work may not worry you.

You will also be paying higher council tax for theses benefits of over development as the Government’s council tax freeze will not last forever.

John White

Barclay Court