Ilkeston is still bearing the brunt

THE decision to move the housing plans for Erewash from one part of Ilkeston to another will come as a shock to many residents. The Oakwell brickworks site had been deemed too contaminated by years of industry to be used for housing but it now appears that the site has been given a clean bill of health.

As a brownfield site it is perhaps seen as more publically acceptable to be used for housing than open space such as Manor Floods – despite locals saying the overgrown area is teeming with wildlife.

However, residents living nearby will be equally concerned about other related problems such as traffic.

And whilst they are simply moving the proposed site for housing from one area of Ilkeston to another, fears remain that our town is still bearing the brunt of the housing plans and the infrastructure problems surrounding them while other areas of Erewash are largely unaffected.

Peter Hemmett