Ilkeston losing out?

I recently had to visit the Nottingham Treatment Centre at the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in in the city.

This modern complex is built on the lines of the King’s Treatment Centre at the Royal Derby Hospital. But, as usual, it is a step up from the King’s Treatment Centre.

It was built quietly with money found from somewhere to keep Nottingham’s medical provision ahead of other East Midlands cities.

The QMC was built as a presitgious project. Facilities which were excellent at Derby were even transferred to the QMC to help fill up vacant space, yet this new treatment centre is almost like an additional hospital on the site.

I wonder if the reduction in size and closure at parts of Ilkeston Community Hospital are designed to free up money to spend on Nottingham, which appears over provided for, while we have a few crumbs of what is left. We face a continual closure programme as happened with the maternity home in Ilkeston.

It’s another case of the haves and have nots and the never will haves.

Mr J Mellor

Westwick Street