Ilkeston motorists offered free security screws

Derbyshire Police
Derbyshire Police
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Drivers in Ilkeston are being urged to pick up number plate security screws to protect their vehicles from being targeted by criminals.

Officers from Safer Neighbourhood teams will be on hand to fit the tamper proof screws for free.

The event will be held at Waterside Retail Park off Station Road, from 3pm to 6pm on Wednesday, September 24.

Police will be offering the chance for motorists to have security screws fitted which make it difficult for criminals to remove number plates from vehicles.

Offenders steal plates and use them to hide the identity of other vehicles, which are then used to commit other crimes such as making off without paying for fuel.

PC Louise Stevenson, said: “By having these free screws fitted to your vehicle, you become less likely to be a victim of this crime.

“It is important that, if you are a victim of this crime, that you report the theft to police as soon as possible.

“This gives officers the chance to stop any vehicles bearing the stolen plates before they are involved in any offences.

“But these screws can make all the difference in stopping your number plates being stolen in the first place.

“All you need to do is bring along your car, van or motor bike and we will install the screws, it only takes a couple of minutes of your time.”

If you require any further information please ring Erewash Community Safety Partnership on 0115 907 2244 ext 3581 Chris Brawn, Assistant Community Safety Officer.