Ilkeston mum has the ‘biggest boobs in Britain’

ONLY USE ONCE Claire Smedley Barcroft Media
ONLY USE ONCE Claire Smedley Barcroft Media

Ilkeston mum Claire Smedley has recently hit the headlines WORLDWIDE — and appeared on major TV shows — because she has the biggest natural boobs in Britain.

But while having a massive 40MMM chest has helped her fulfil her ambition to become a model, having such a large assets does have its downsides, as she explained when she spoke to the ‘Tiser this week.

The pink-haired mum-of-three has achieved infamy after revelations about a near-death bedroom incident and her ample assets have even landed her a spot on the This Morning sofa for an interview with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Claire explained that an ex-partner nearly suffocated under her weighty chest — a story that sparked a media frenzy with newspapers, magazines and websites from all over the globe getting in touch with the 30-year-old.

She explained: “It was a few years ago now but we were in the bedroom doing what you do and then I noticed my partner was flailing around a bit and then he just went quiet.

“I looked at him and realised that he wasn’t breathing, after about 30 seconds he came back round. He was fine but we both just sat there after we realised what had happened.

“We split up not long after, I think he was worried it could happen again and the outcome might be different. I am scared the same might happen again.”

From a young age Claire’s big chest made her stand out from the crowd.

She explained: “Even when I was growing up I had big boobs, I just woke up one day and it was like they were just there. It was hard at school because no one else had them, I was 12-years-old with DD boobs.

“Kids would undo my bra as I walked into assembly or make me run to watch them bounce.

“I was a really naive teenager but my massive boobs just made people think the opposite, which was tough.”

But as she grew up Claire, who has been told she has the biggest natural boobs in Britain, came to terms with sometimes unwanted attention from men and grew a bit more confident about her curves.

“In the end I just thought, ‘I’ve got them and I can’t do anything about it’ so I might as well make the most of it,” she said.

“My friends are really good about it, they’re used to me getting all this attention from men, we just laugh it off now.”

Unwanted attention isn’t the only problem Claire encounters, with high street stores only stocking bras up to an L cup. Claire is forced to squeeze into the wrong sized underwear or have her bras made to measure at a cost of £200 a time. She said: “Most of the time I just buy the biggest bras I can get and make do but I have had a few made.”

Claire’s breasts weigh a whopping 2.5 stone each and are still growing. She said: “It is hard work carrying the weight of them and I do get back and shoulder pain but I’m used to it.

“I have thought about having a reduction but I’m not sure.

“Because I’ve always had big boobs it’s kind of who I am and also I don’t really want to go through surgery if I don’t need to, especially being a mum.”

After being approached by agencies Claire has had photographs taken and can earn up to £150 an image.

She said: “I never went out looking for attention, it just came to me. When I was offered modelling deals and things like that I just decided to go for it, it was a bit of fun and good money so I went for it.

“Now my kids are getting a bit older I’m more wary of what I do.”