Ilkeston pensioner thought ‘roof was falling in’ when car crashed into her garden


A woman has spoke of her shock after a car crashed into her front garden as she was watching television.

The car crashed into June Harrison’s garden at Newstead Road North at around 8pm last night (Sunday). Two men were seen by neighbours fleeing the scene.

The Vauxhall Astra veered off the road and went through the garden wall at the house on the corner of Newstead Road North and Summerfields Way at Shipley View.

Mrs Harrison, a former nurse, said: “I was just sitting wathcing TV and heard a noise - I thought the roof had fallen in. I looked out the kitchen window and saw car headlights looking at me. The car had gone into he fence amd tore up the fence, wall and cement posts.

“Some of the nighbours saw two young lads running away and called the police.”

She added that if she had been walking to the dustbin outside she could have been killed.

Neighbour Carl Madeley said the vehicle ended up just three feet away from the house.

Derbyshire Police said that the more than one person is thought to have fled the scene. No arrests have been made.