Ilkeston pupils’ emotional trip to Auschwitz

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Two sixth formers from Kirk Hallam Community Academy have spoken about an emotional trip to Auschwitz.

Joseph Taylor, 17, and Molly Riley, 17, visited the former Nazi extermination camp in a trip organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust as part of its Lessons From Auschwitz project.

The project is a four-part course which explores the universal lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance to today.

Molly said she believed that the trip was one of the most memorable she will ever experience.

She said: “We visited Auschwitz 1 and this camp has now become a museum where you can see the possessions from the people murdered in the camps.

“This was what I found to be the most difficult part of the trip as from looking at the possessions we were able to comprehend how many people were killed there and saw it for ourselves, instead of just hearing a number.”

Joseph said they also heard a talk from a Rabbi.

He said: “He told us that every year when he speaks to people on this trip he talks about something new. One year it was the London bombings, then it was the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, then it was the refugee crisis.

“He just said that it keeps happening and we have to be more tolerant of other religions and cultures and realise that everyone is different and that the hate has to stop.

“The trip was a real eye-opener, just to see what really happened out there. It was surreal.”