Ilkeston pupils move up to secondary school

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New year seven students have been introduced to life at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy.

More than 130 year six pupils from Chaucer Junior, Granby Primary, Cotmanhay Junior, Hallam Fields Junior, Kensington Primary, Ladywood Primary and Scargill Primary attended a two-day induction at OIEA.

They attended talks, met their tutors, had a session in the library, had a tour of the site and spent a day with Humanutopia, a social enterprise that runs life-changing courses for young people.

During the session with Humanutopia pupils took part in a variety of activities including being asked to sit next to a new person and learn three things about them.

Kay Kearton, head of year seven, said the induction process went well.

She said: “It was lovely to welcome our new pupils to our brand new building where they were given a taste of what life here is all about.

“They all enjoyed their lessons and the session with Humanutopia helped them to meet their new school friends.

“They were also given a tour of the site as sometimes they are a bit nervous about finding their way around.”

Adelaide Frettingham is a pupil at Granby Primary School in Ilkeston.

She said: “On the first day we did science, maths and English and I really enjoyed science because we got to do some experiments. I’ve really enjoyed my induction as I was a bit scared about going to secondary school but everyone is really nice and I’ve met lots of new people.”