Ilkeston Remembrance service switched to 11am

NILABE111113d7, Ilkeston remembrance day parade.
NILABE111113d7, Ilkeston remembrance day parade.

Ilkeston’s remembrance service is to be switched to 11am after yet another political squabble over the timing.

For the first time, Conservative members pushed for a change from the 3pm starting time – after voting out Labour moves for exactly that since 2005.

Cllr Val Custance said the issue was subject to widespread consultation and local people had come down in favour of the 11am start, which coincides with the two minutes’ silence attended by the Queen in London.

Labour opposition leader Cllr Alex Phillips told a meeting of the council last night (Thursday): “People of Ilkeston said they wanted the service at 11 o’clock.

“It took a survey for you to realise that. It is hypocritical of Conservative councillors to stand up and vote for this because last year they voted against it.”

Labour’s Cllr Tim Moloney, who first pushed for the 11am start, told the ruling group: “In all this, I can’t understand where you are coming from.

“I thought naively you attend the council to help people and make their lives better and do what they ask.

“I doubt your integrity.”

But Cllr Custance said she had been guided by the public soundings.

“After consultations, discussions and citizens’ panels, it has resulted in a two-thirds majority for 11am,” she said.