Ilkeston’s good deed for 2012?

Boreholes being drilled in Africa
Boreholes being drilled in Africa

AN ILKESTON man has shared with the Advertiser his vision to make the town a community of fundraisers to help Africa.

Ross Hamilton, who used to work for Ilkeston estate agents Renshaw, plans to ask townsfolk to part with just 10p a week to help bring fresh, clean water to Africans.

Ross researched dozens of charities, which help people both in the UK and abroad, before settling on Staffordshire-based Water For Africa (WFA), which he says delivers the best value for money to those who receive its benefits.

The idea, Ross explained, is simple – to convince lots of people to donate a small amount of cash thereby resulting in a big sum of cash for the charity with minimal effort on the part of the donor.

“I know things are seriously difficult for many of us and that a number of you will already have your own chosen charity which you will want to continue supporting,” said Ross, 50.

“But, if you could satisfy yourselves on the issue of just how much a regular 10p per week donation could achieve, would you consider making this your good deed for 2012?

“And how would it feel if we pioneered a successful scheme in Ilkeston and you were there from the start?”

Ross explained that some fundraisers are reluctant to give money to African charities.

“In respect of the charity I would like to work with, Water For Africa, no one has so far raised an issue that I have been unable to satisfy them on,” he said.

He said that WFA is a relatively small registered charity aimed at providing clean water for drinking, hygiene and crop growth.

It has focused so far on Gambia in the west of the continent but plans to expand operations across Africa as it gets more funds.

He said the charity covers all its running costs through Gift Aid and pays wages to African workers trained to drill boreholes.

As the pilot area for the scheme, Ross aims to eventually get 1,000 Ilkestonians on board for a period of nine to 15 months and then spread the idea to other communities.

Through the Advertiser Ross will set out his scheme in more detail in coming weeks but would like anyone who has even a small interest in the plan to contact him by email on or write to WFA Ilkeston, c/o Renshaw Estates, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8AW.