Ilkeston’s own Britney Spears goes global

NILA-LC-100419A1 -Ilkeston Britney Spears lookalike Michaela Weeks
NILA-LC-100419A1 -Ilkeston Britney Spears lookalike Michaela Weeks

An Ilkeston woman has travelled the world after carving out a career as a Britney Spears impersonator.

Former barmaid Michaela Weeks, 25, started to become recognisable in Ilkeston when Britney released her second album ‘Oops... I did it again’ and people started to become more interested.

A national newspaper reported this week that Michaela has earned £300,000 since she started out impersonating Britney, which she has spent on two homes and a Mercedes

She said: “It all happened very quickly. As soon as Britney started to become more recognised, so did I.

“People would come up to me and start singing her songs in the street, which was strange.”

Michaela previously worked behind the bar at the Festival Inn at Trowell.

She decided to enter a lookalike competition featured in The Sun newspaper in 2004 but was not successful.

However, the competition inspired her to perfect her image and in 2009 she started to learn Britney’s dance routines. A year later she started having singing lessons at Rosalind’s Pop Singing Tuition based in Long Eaton.

Since then, she has performed as a lookalike in Los Angeles in January 2008 and performed in Dubai in January 2012.

She said: “Travelling the world has been a great experience and something that I really enjoyed.

“I’ve always been a big Britney fan and singing her songs has always been something I love.”

Michaela’s abilities as a lookalike saw her appear on the BBC3 show Don’t Tell the Bride alongside other lookalikes taking in the roles of Simon Cowell, Mr T,, David Beckham and Will Smith.