Ilkeston solicitors blasts divorce plan

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AN ILKESTON solicitors has criticised the Government’s plan to cut legal aid to divorcing couples claiming it could force couples to stay in doomed marriages.

Fiona Apthorpe, from Robinsons Solicitors in Burns Street, said the move could lead to people having to represent themselves in court, causing ‘confusion, rough justice and hundreds of wasted hours of expensive court time’.

The Government is planning to cut the country’s £2bn legal aid bill by asking couples in dispute over financial settlements to seek mediation as a way of settling their differences.

Divorcee John Barrett, 40, of Kirk Hallam, said: “Legal aid was vital for me. My case must have cost thousands of pounds over the past few years.

“Without it, I would have either had to stay married or had a five year separation and still found the money to take my case to court.”