Ilkeston students jet off to Japan

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Fish custard was just one of the delicacies that students from Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy sampled on an exchange trip to Japan.

Cerys Travis, Brandon Quinney, both 15, and Jaynil Mistry, 14, spent two weeks in Japan, living with local families, attending school and seeing the sights.

After arriving at Osaka Airport, the group travelled to Kyoto and visited temples, did some shopping and sampled Japanese food.

The next stop was Hiroshima on the Bullet Train, where they visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Teacher Amy Allen, who went on the trip, said the students found that part of the trip quite shocking.

She said: “It really made them think about warfare and what countries do to each other. By that time they had really fallen in love with Japan and it saddened them to think that so many people were killed, it was quite harrowing.”

The group then went on to the island of Miyajima where they stayed in a traditional hotel and sampled some of the local delicacies.

Miss Allen said the students were quite adventurous when it came to trying new food.

She said: “Everyone was fantastic when it came to tasting new food and they really got into it.

“They even tried out fish custard, which was a starter and it did look like a set custard but it was quite salty and fishy with bits in it. Some of them weren’t sure about it but I eat a lot of fish and I liked it.”

Students were then taken to Toyota City to attend a welcome meeting and some of them had to give a speech in Japanese.

The second week saw students staying with local families and attending Shimoyama Junior High School.

Miss Allen said: “The school changed their whole rota to work around us, each student was given a school uniform which consisted of a mint green tracksuit.

“They went into lots of English lessons to help students with their pronunciation; I think our students were surprised about having to take their shoes off and put slippers on when they entered the school.

“Students also had to spend time cleaning the school but they were still enjoying themselves and joking around. Everyone was very accommodating and lessons were fun, they had a go at cooking, social studies and science.”

Brandon said he had really enjoyed the trip.

He said: “Miyajima was so beautiful, it was amazing and just breathtaking, words can’t describe it. When we were there we stayed in a really good authentic hotel and had to wear kimonos and traditional dress wear, it was the best day of the trip.”