Ilkeston taxi firm’s offer of free ride

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An Ilkeston taxi firm is to offer people the chance of a free ride one day a week in an attempt to boost town centre trade.

Bosses at Double Four Taxis came up with the idea of offering customers the chance to receive free journeys on a Wednesday in a bid to increase trade for Ilkeston’s town centre.

Shop owners have been complaining of reduced trade over the last few years and Double Four are hoping this initiative will help encourage people to shop in the town centre again.

Danny Holmes, the company’s operations director, said the move will benefit the whole of Ilkeston.

He said: “This is not just about getting customers to use the services of Double Four Taxis. We strongly believe that by encouraging people to shop within Ilkeston, it will improve the town’s economy for everyone.”

Double Four will have a vehicle solely for free journeys. If this taxi turns up for a customer’s booking, then the ride will be completely free of charge. All customers have to do is book their taxi in the normal way; either over the phone on 944 00 00, using the companies automated booking system or speaking to an operator, on their website or by downloading the App.

This initiative will initially run for four weeks, although if successful it may be extended.

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