Ilkeston walking football team shows off new kits

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A walking football team from Ilkeston is kicking off a new season in style thanks to a unique sporting campaign. Stanton Ilkeston’s over 50s walking football team received the new kits, worth £750, from the GFORCE Grassroots Campaign which aims to provide financial support to help sports teams and clubs from across the East Midlands achieve their aspirations. See left for more.

Stanton Ilkeston Football Club began as a work team playing for Stanton Ironworks with the first recorded match taking place in September 1921, they now have 25 squads consisting of senior adult, walking football over 50s, girls ranging from eight to 15 years old, junior and youth teams ranging from six to 18 years and a development squad.

Rob Kirk from Stanton Ilkeston FC, said: “We are delighted to have received the shirts, shorts and socks for our Walking Football squad as they were joining a league and needed a kit to play in. The squad consists of people aged over 50 and was set up for both men and women who may have thought their football playing days were over. Walking football is a fantastic way of staying mobile and it can also be used by younger players who may have a disability or are recovering from an injury or operation. The kit is absolutely fantastic and the sublimated club badge really makes it stand out from other kits. All the players love it and it came as a very nice surprise to hear that we would be receiving the products from GFORCE Teamwear.”

GFORCE Teamwear, a sportswear company based in Leicester, launched the Grassroots campaign in 2016 by setting aside a £5,000 pot of money which organisations applied to for grants, with a maximum value of up to £750 per team or club.

Simon Ward, sales director at GFORCE, said: “We are really pleased to have been able to make this donation to Stanton Ilkeston FC. Walking Football is really taking off and is a great way to keep people, who thought that they were no longer able to play, involved in football. Stanton Ilkeston is a great organisation who is working hard to engage with the local community and improve the facilities for sporting activity.