Ilkeston woman raises £3,000 for autism charity after 50 hours in a glass box

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An Ilkeston woman has raised more than £3,000 to help children and families living with autism after spending 50 hours inside a glass box.

Lisa Males, who works as a wages clerk at Tesco Extra in Beeston, took the David Blaine-style Locked in for Autism challenge at the store from May 5-7.

She was inspired to fundraise for the charity Caudwell Children after seeing the impact of an autistic spectrum disorder on her 13-year-old godson and his family.

She said: “Many parents of autistic children say that the glass box is a metaphor for autism—the difficulty communicating, a struggle to make sense of the world, a sense of feeling trapped and being stared at from all directions.”

Mobile phones were banned from the box, meaning all she had for entertainment was a few magazines and the company of visitors outside the box.

She even managed to sleep two nights on the floor—but was allowed brief toilet breaks.

More than 100 well-wishers welcomed Lisa out of the box, including charity volunteers, shoppers and families affected by the condition.

On regaining her freedom, Lisa said: “I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend and a nice glass of chilled wine.”

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