Ilkeston woman’s plea for help after husband’s asbestos death

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An Ilkeston woman whose husband died of an asbestos disease is urging his former colleagues to her with a compensation claim.

Tracey Fretwell’s husband Andrew – known as Ron – died in February 2018 after being diagnosed with mesothelioma just months earlier.

The 60-year-old worked as a press operator for Domestic Industrial Pressings Ltd from 1978 to 1981, where he would often replace the lining on brake drums.

It is possible the building had also been sprayed with an asbestos coating for fire protection, and the workings of the presses may have disturbed that material.

In July 2017, Ron started to lose his appetite and became lethargic.

He visited his GP after noticing a fatty lump on his neck. The GP was unconcerned by the lump but noticed the glands in Ron’s throat were swollen and referred him for X-rays. He was later diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Now Tracey is calling on anyone who worked with Ron between 1978 and 1981 to get in touch with her solictors, Thompsons.

She said: “My husband had always liked his food so I knew something was up when he told me he was struggling to eat. We assumed he was just suffering with an illness, such as flu, and he would go back to normal soon. But, when weeks went by and he didn’t get any better, I started to worry that something more serious was at fault.

“Even so, the mesothelioma diagnosis was a huge shock to our whole family. It would be a comfort to find out what caused my husband to become so ill, so if anyone is able to help our family I would be hugely grateful.”

Steve Fitzwalter, the solicitor supporting the family, said: “Tracey and her family are struggling to understand what caused Ron’s illness. We hope that by speaking to Ron’s former colleagues at Domestic Industrial Pressings Ltd we can answer some of those questions.”

Anyone with information, should contact Steve Fitzwalter on 0121 262 1280, or email