‘In Bloom’ balloon travels 410 miles!

This balloon travelled 410 miles from Ilkeston to Germany!
This balloon travelled 410 miles from Ilkeston to Germany!

Unseasonably high winds may have swept this balloon on an epic journey across the North Sea to a tiny German holiday resort.

Puzzled islanders Achim and Angelika Gdawietz found the balloon with an ‘Erewash In Bloom’ logo, on a beach on the island of Föhr – 410 miles from where it started life.

Erewash Borough Council handed out balloons to youngsters in Ilkeston’s Bath Street on Thursday April 25 and High Street in Long Eaton the previous day as part of the launch of the borough’s annual gardening competition.

Council staff guessed that a child could have let his or her balloon free and the wind blew it all the way to the Gdawietz’s home off the north German coast, landing a few days later.

They sent a photograph of the balloon to the ‘Tiser and a note, which read: “We have this balloon on Sunday (April 28) at the dyke found between Dunsum and Utersum on the island of Föhr.

“The difference between Erewash and Utersum is about 600km or 410 miles.

“The sender of this balloon we do not know, so we send this letter to you.”

The pair included details about their island home in the ‘Frisian Caribbean’, including postcards and a tourist’s guide.

Some of the highlights there include windsurfing, golf and wading through tidal flats.