Indian restaurant in Ilkeston told to improve hygiene

GV of Shah Jahan Restaurant in Awsworth Road, Ilkeston. Awarded poor food hygiene rating.
GV of Shah Jahan Restaurant in Awsworth Road, Ilkeston. Awarded poor food hygiene rating.

Major improvements must be made at an Indian restaurant in Ilkeston following an inspection by environmental health officers.

Shah Jahan Restaurant on Awsworth Road was handed a food hygiene rating of just one following its latest inspection in February.

The nine-page hygiene report stated: “The general standard of cleaning within the kitchen, including the kitchen equipment and underneath appliances, is not at an acceptable standard within a food business and must be improved.”

The inspector listed ten areas that needed cleaning, including the removal of loose rodent bait and rodent droppings from the inside of a cupboard housing an electrical consumer unit in the restaurant. Holes in the walls and floorboards were seen inside the cupboard that could let rats or mice in. There was also no formal evidence of formal food hygiene training for the main food handlers available, and they did not have a gas safety record.

The report went on: “There is a potential risk to staff and customers from the placing of loose rodenticide (rat poison) products at the premises. Loose rodenticide was seen in an unlocked cupboard in the restaurant that is easily accessible to members of the public. Rodenticide was also seen on the first floor in a storage room.”

The restaurant managers had also failed to stop people smoking on the premises and cigarette butts were found in staff changing rooms.

It went on to state: “Given the very poor standard of cleaning in the kitchen and the high levels of grease and dirt underneath appliances, I strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional cleaning company who specialise in the cleaning of commercial catering premises.”

A manager at the restaurant told the Advertiser that the inspector visited following a particularly busy weekend. He said: “Some of the staff hadn’t turned up. It was down to it being really busy and having a late night. Since then we have done everything required and there has been a major improvement. It was a bit dirty at the time and there was a shortage of cleaning staff.”

He added that they opened 30 years ago and were disappointed as they normally get a higher rating, adding that there is now a new routine in the kitchen and it is always ‘spotless’.