Inquest opened into deadly fire

House fire wellington street Long Eaton
House fire wellington street Long Eaton

THE FIRE at a Long Eaton home in which the homeowner died started in the kitchen, an inquest has heard.

Police discovered the body of Linda Parkes, 59, three days after the blaze in Wellington Street on Friday January 14.

Firefighters searched for 14 hours for Ms Parkes but were severely hampered by piles of rubbish and other items blocking their access to rooms.

They were even forced to smash a hole in the roof of the terraced property to create a ‘chimney’ for smoke to escape in a bid to make the search easier.

Det Con Matthew Goodwin from Long Eaton station told Derby Coroners’ Court on Monday that firefighters had told him they did not believe anyone was left alive in the building and handed the investigation to police.

Sgt Simon Froud discovered Ms Parkes’ body in the living room last Monday morning.

Dc Goodwin said that the fire had spread from the kitchen to the upstairs bathroom causing the floor to collapse.

Ms Parkes was identified by ‘long-term friend’ Ricky Brelsford the next day.

Officers had tracked down her partner Geoffrey Rumas, who had been in Spain, during their investigation. Neighbours said they were separated.

The inquest was adjourned while further investigations take place.