Inspector will fight effects of cuts on town

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ILKESTON’S top police officer has said he will fight to protect the town from the effects of policing budget cuts announced this week.

Speaking at a community forum meeting, Inspector Nick Daines said: “I will put up the best case for not losing officers but I can’t say we won’t be affected.

“It stands to reason that if there is a freeze on recruitment there will be fewer police officers.”

Officer numbers will be cut by 123 over the next two years and the number of police community support officers would be cut to 160, a reduction of 23.

Another 112 civilian staff posts are also to go.

Speaking about the cuts, Chief Constable Mick Creedon said: “Most of our costs are people, a lot of our savings are going to have to come from people.

“We can do things in other areas but we have to save money on people first and foremost.”

Of around 4,000 staff, 160 jobs have already gone without a single compulsory redundancy, said Chf Con Creedon.

It was revealed that staff whose jobs were at risk were told last Tuesday, some leaving in tears.

Cllr Philip Hickson, chairman of Derbyshire Police Authority, said it had been a difficult week.

He explained: “I certainly didn’t come into public service to be cutting services and telling people they were going to be let off but that is the situation.”

Other cost-cutting measures include fusing together parts of departments, looking to take police out of some of the 100 premises it has or reducing hours at stations rarely visited.

Collaboration with neighbouring forces is also being considered while the risks, threats and demands will be continually assessed.

Chf Con Creedon added: “We will be looking at every single aspect of our service.”