Invitation to work together


Cllr Carol Hart’s letter, Joint approach is needed, Advertiser February 23, is perplexing.

As an elected representative, it is my duty to act in the interest of my constituents.

In this instance, my energy has been channelled into securing a swift resolution of a serious environmental problem that has the potential to endanger them if left unchecked as it appears would be Cllr Hart’s preferred course of action!

To this end, I have arranged and attended several meetings with appropriate bodies.

The parish councillors for Stanley have been assiduous in their efforts to ensure public safety and have requested my assistance.

I am angered that this serious safety issue has failed to engage the appropriate channels at Erewash Borough Council and to this end, have recently requested that the Chief Executive take personal charge and investigate the matter of emerging glass on Stanley Common as a matter of urgency.

I would welcome Cllr Hart’s support and would be delighted to arrange a briefing for her on an issue about which, as her letter betrays, she has little or no knowledge – and as yet, no record of proven interest or involvement.  

In conclusion, Cllr Hart’s reference to the fact that I have missed one council meeting – with apologies – since my election in May 2011, is irrelevant at best but worrying at worst – proving only that ‘political point scoring’ is the chosen terrain of Cllr Hart and her Tory colleagues on Erewash Borough Council.

My Labour colleagues and I left name-calling in the nursery and as mature public servants; prefer to concentrate upon serious issues affecting our borough – such as the emerging glass on Stanley Common.

I repeat my offer of a personal briefing for Cllr Hart on the subject. She has only to ask.

Cllr Linda McGraw