Is Ilkeston passed over by the council?

I see £235,000 is being spent on Long Eaton Leisure Centre, what about Ilkeston’s leisure centre?

Oh, I forgot that’s the defunct, closed down building off Bath Street.
More and more things are being wound down in Ilkeston with more and more money being pumped into Long Eaton, then they chuck us a few crumbs by doing what should have been done automatically ages ago, for example by having a remembrance parade on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, instead of some other irrelevant month.
Even when an Ilkeston resident performs at an exceptional level and becomes the national coach of the year, the honour of Freedom of the Borough of Erewash is conferred in Long Eaton, not his home town.
It’s about time Ilkeston residents stopped spending their money on Long Eaton facilities and spent it elsewhere whether in the borough or not.
This includes the Duchess Theatre which Ilkeston area clients at present patronise.
Come on you Ilkeston and district Conservatives, switch your local votes to Labour and get this treacherous local tier of government out of office before it’s too late to get a fair deal as part of its policy.

Mr J Mellor

Westwick Street