Is this Charlie, the famous Ilkeston fox?

Collette O'Sullivan's picture of Charlie the tame fox.
Collette O'Sullivan's picture of Charlie the tame fox.

Dog walkers in Ilkeston have told us about a tame fox which regularly pops out to say hello as they pass by his home in Larklands.

We published a picture three weeks ago of the spritely creature which greeted Derek Scarle as he walked his dog Lottie near the canal.

Since then readers have contacted us to say that they too have seen him.

Harry Relph, who runs Parafinalia in Pelham Street, believes it is Charlie, a well-known tame fox who was hand-reared by a little girl in Cotmanhay about six years ago.

Charlie was brought in by the girl’s family after being abandoned by his mother, family friend Harry said.

The youngster helped to rear him until it became clear he needed more space to roam, so he was handed over to an Ilkeston home with more land.

From there he regularly wandered around the Market Place, fed scraps by traders and takeaway owners, often sitting with the bouncers on the door of the Sir John Warren pub.

“I showed the picture to the little girl and she said, ‘yes, that’s Charlie,” he said, “I’m so pleased he’s ok and that he’s still around.

Charlie is now thought to be living under a shed in Larklands where he is fed by its owner.

“He’s so used to being around humans it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s still here,” added Harry.