Jasper is back at home safe and well

A family who lost their cat in Eastwood say they are ‘absolutely overwhelmed’ with the amount of support they received from the community.

Jasper the cat – now back home safe and sound – found himself lost in Eastwood after being accidently shipped over to the town in a van from Ilkeston.

Last week the Advertiser appealed to the public for help to find him, and Jasper’s owner Rachel Stevenson said she had a ‘heartwarming’ response.

One woman in Church Street kept putting food out to try and attract him into her garden, and owners of a takeaway in South Street put posters up and encouraged all their customers to keep an eye out.

“We want to thank everyone who helped us find him,” said Rachel. “So many people took the time to check their sheds, garages and gardens.

“Even if people hadn’t seen him we had messages saying ‘I really hope you find him. I’ve got pets and I know how you must feel’.

“It was really lovely. I really felt like I had the community behind me.

“It’s great to have him home,” added Rachel.

After wandering the streets of Eastwood on his own for two weeks, Jasper is now making the most of home comforts and cosy nights in.

“He is not going out much anymore,” said Rachel. “He tends to stay in at night and sit on your knee and he didn’t used to do that. I think he must have missed us!”

Jasper went missing on Christmas Eve after he sneaked into a neighbour’s van, which went on to Eastwood delivering Christmas presents.

The Stevenson family searched the town everyday, taking the cat’s toys and bedding to try and entice him. Rachel even took a tracksuit he had slept on the night before he went missing,

Jasper, described by the Stevensons as ‘a member of the family’, was finally spotted by a woman running along Chewton Street last weekend.