Jesus is the good shepherd who helps us find our way in the world

WE have a very large back garden. It has most of the ruin of the old Dale Abbey in it.

We find it difficult to keep the grass down though because of all the stones so a friend of ours keeps his sheep on it

The woolly lawnmowers do a good job.

At the moment we’re trying to keep the sheep out of one particular bit of the ruin, so we’ve put up a temporary fence.

But do those sheep stay inside it? Of course not. The grass is always greener on the other side.

God’s word tells us about that: ‘all we, like sheep, have gone astray, turned every one to his own way’.

We can be just like sheep. We wander off and do our own thing, don’t we?

Or sometimes just follow the crowd without thinking

And if your life is anything like mine has been, wandering off, wandering away from God, has done us no good at all.

Thank God for Jesus, the good shepherd, who notices when we’ve wandered off, misses us, and goes after us to find us and bring us back to safety.

He may use a friend of ours to bring us back into the fold, so if you get invited to a church service this summer, say yes.

Or he may just nudge us into coming back to a church we used to go to, or to an Alpha course or a house-group or something similar.

If you’ve wandered off, do let him bring you back, however he does it. Because being part of his flock is a good place to be.

‘He leads us by still waters and restores our souls and leads us in paths of righteousness, for His name’s sake.’

He really is a very good shepherd and you can trust Him with your life.

Rev Ruth Allen

United Reformed Church

Wharncliffe Road