Jitty is crime hot spot say residents

Alley way problems near Erewash Sqaure
Alley way problems near Erewash Sqaure

An alleyway that residents say has become a crime hot spot needs urgent action according to nearby residents.

Local residents say a woman was raped in the jitty, which runs from Walnut Close to Greenwood Avenue, near to Erewash Square.

They also say it has been the setting for fires, muggings and other crimes.

Areas of the alleyway are also described by people living nearby as overgrown and are regularly used by fly tippers.

Neighbourhood watch representative, John Bell, told the Advertiser: “This has been going on for years now and we want it to stop.

“The fence is broken down there so criminals wait in there and no one can see them.

“The poor woman who was raped walked along the alley with no idea there was a man waiting.

“Fires have been started, people have been jumped and mugged, no one dare walk down there.

“Lighting has been improved so people felt a bit safer but every time anything happens down there it’s because of the missing fence.”

John has enlisted the help of local councillors to try and get the situation resolved.

County Councillor John Frudd said: “I fully support John in what he is trying to do, along with the obvious criminal danger the area also lends itself well for fly tipping.

“Most of the fence is now missing and all fly tippers have to do is come here after dark and they can illegally tip rubbish unchallenged.

Councillor Pam Phillips Erewash Borough Councillor for the area added: “I fully support everyone who is trying to do something about this awful problem.

“The first step is to track down the owner of the fence which is proving very difficult. “

Derbyshire County Council who own the path way told the Advertiser the fence is a matter for the private landowner and they have no control over the fencing as it is private land.