John is inspired by charity shop

ILKESTON’S extraordinary headbalancing man John Evans, who has more than 33 world records under his belt, has been inspired to undertake a new challenge by a visit to a town charity shop.

John has raised more than £195,000 for good causes since he became an international entertainer, most famous for balancing a Mini on his head.

The 65-year-old recently visited Debra charity shop in the Albion shopping centre off Bath Street and was inspired by what he learnt there.

“I have never heard of Debra and after being told all about the charity by shop manager Sandra Terry, I went away and just knew I had to help such a good cause,” he explained.

Debra provides nurses and social care staff to work with families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a painful condition which causes skin to blister at the slightest touch.

Determined to continue raising money for good causes, John is all set to show off his super strength once more in a headbalancing challenge in aid of the charity, at the Birmingham NEC this Sunday.

He will be appearing in front of thousands of people, alongside winner of Celebrity Big Brother and cage fighter Alex Reid and Nottingham’s star of Britain’s Got Talent, Terminator impersonator Stuart Arnold.

John plans to lift a 80kg washing machine on his head and balance it there for 1,800 seconds while staff from the Debra charity shop collect money.

Sandra Terry, who plans to explain to the crowds what the little-known charity is all about, has heaped praise on John for ‘championing our cause’.

“When he came into the shop with his grandson Connor just a few weeks ago, he showed a genuine interest,” she said.

“And when he offered to perform on our behalf at the NEC, we were delighted.

“The NEC gig will give us every opportunity to raise funds while at the same time raise awareness of Debra.”

John discovered his talent for balancing things on his head while working on a building site as a teenager.