Joint approach is needed


I was somewhat dismayed to read the article featuring the Stanley/Stanley Common Erewash Borough Councillor concerning the Stanley Common Recreation Ground (Advertiser Thursday February 9).

First of all she really needs to get her facts correct, Bryan Bunting is a retired parish councillor who gave many years outstanding service to the residents he represented, the litter picker is Mick Robinson, who does an excellent job and I understand he was the person who spotted this problem and reported it to the parish council and is now making sure that he keeps an eye on the small area affected for the council.

Incidentally I understand no car batteries have been found as stated by Cllr McGraw, also can I point out that this land is owned, albeit as long term trustees, by the parish council not Erewash Borough Council, however Erewash Borough Council began working with the parish council as soon as this problem was noticed. I understand that the parish council is happy that there is good co-operation between the borough council and themselves.

They would like some information about the site going back to the 1940s and they are seeking the borough council’s help to investigate any possible activity on this area which might clarify the situation.

Erewash Borough Council will do their very best to provide this information and I am sure that if they cannot they will know someone who can.

I do not think that the parish council, who are dealing with this problem in the correct manner, should be seen to be being dragged into political point scoring and the sooner all parties work together, without a blame culture, the sooner the situation will be sorted.

It is good that Cllr McGraw is now able to attend meetings and I hope that we can continue to work together with the parish council for the good of the residents of Stanley and Stanley Common.

Cllr Carol Hart

Derbyshire County Council for Stanley/Stanley Common

Deputy Leader Erewash Borough Council