Keep our forum local

I attended the Ilkeston Forum in July and I have attended many of these forums from the start when Cotmanhay held its first one at Bennerley School.

At first it was about local issues in and around the Cotmanhay and Shipley areas.

Other forum meetings in these areas where held at The Abbotsford Centre and Holy Trinity Church and became good meeting points to bring up any issues within these areas.

Due to changes, local forums became joined together and Cotmanhay and Shipley became part of the Ilkeston forum.

Since then, in my view, these meetings have now become a local political arena and sadly have moved away from tackling local issues that matter in a positive way.

The main topic at the early July forum was the welfare changes and reforms and the impact on local people. After an excellent presentation and answers on this subject, it finished with questions from the floor.

Some of these included the Mayor’s role and council wages and led to a debate across the floor about political involvement.

These forums used to be a good way to sort problems and issues out, but sadly they have moved away from what they set out to do and after this one I will not be attending any more.

I will instead sort issues out within the community with local community groups that do it with a positive outlook.

John Allen,

Jervis Court, Ilkeston.