Keep Registry Office where it is

Ilkeston Registry office
Ilkeston Registry office

I write to complain about the proposed move of the Ilkeston Register Office into the Town Hall.

The idea is sheer stupidity, in my opinion, and is nothing more than a stop gap moving the services of the register office from one inadequate building to another equally, if not more so, inadequate building. And let me ask at what cost?

Yes the current register office needs significant work and perhaps the only alternative to the work is to relocate it all together.

But if the current building is deemed unsuitable, what on earth are people thinking when they suggest it moves to the Town Hall? This leaves me thinking that those making this decision are away with the fairies, quite frankly.

There are other more basic issues here as well because the Town Hall belongs to the community, it is very well used by all charitable and volunteer groups who use the Mayor’s Parlour on a booking rota, to host fundraising coffee mornings almost every other week. There is also a policy on an open door welcome that has always existed with our local schools in order to let them come and visit the Chamber and Mayor’s Parlour and this would be severely compromised, limiting our children’s access to view and visit theirvery own Town Hall.

Our history and promoting the feeling of pride in Ilkeston is very important and the Town Hall which houses the Mayoralty and the heritage and regalia, along with the view across the Market Place is a very important part of our community that must stick in the minds of our young for many a long year.

The Town Hall has a very important purpose, as does the register office and neither should be compromised in this way.

As always Ilkeston deserves much better and we must act now to stop this very damaging and retrograde step.

Mark Hutchby

Shipley View.