Keep walk-in centre open

I am dismayed by the proposed closures at Ilkeston Community Hospital where I recently had an eye operation and the service was second-to-none.

It is frightening what is happening to the NHS. With reference to the walk-in centre we are told to use the one in Osmaston Road in Derby.

By the time you get there you would fall in, not walk in.

This country could do with more small ‘cottage’ hospitals, not less.

The fact that they are small makes them feel more welcoming, comfortable and friendly than the vast sites that contain big hospitals which are sometimes more like factories with huge carparks who charge outrageous parking fees and people are handled more like clients than human beings.

I feel sorry for the staff at Ilkeston Community Hospital with this kind of cloud hanging over them.

There is a happy atmosphere at the walk-in centre and that will be lost forever along with bed spaces. Shame on you, Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne.

BMJ White

Beech Avenue

Long Eaton