Keeping an eye on kestrels at college

Kestrel Cam at Broomfield Hall, Morley.
Kestrel Cam at Broomfield Hall, Morley.

A MORLEY college’s very own version of the BBC’s Springwatch is proving a hit with students.

A webcam has been set up to spy on a pair of kestrels as they prepare for parenthood in the grounds of Derby College’s Broomfield Hall campus.

The kestrel mum-to-be is currently incubating five eggs, which, according to Patrick Mountain, lecturer in countryside management, are set to hatch any day now.

And thanks to the camera, students – and anyone with an internet connection –can keep tabs on the new family.

Patrick said: “Five is a good number of eggs.

“Hopefully the kestrels will rear them all.

“But it depends on how much food there is about.

“With the weather the way it is at the moment, that could make things difficult for them.”

The camera was set up in February when the kestrels started roosting for the winter.

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