Kids’ facepainter blasts car thieves

Break In: Nocola Jackson's car was broken into and her facepainting kit was stolen.
Break In: Nocola Jackson's car was broken into and her facepainting kit was stolen.

A children’s facepainter has been left devastated after all her paints and brushes were stolen from her car, leaving her unable to go to work.

Gutted Nicola Jackson, who often paints faces free of charge for charity, woke on Monday morning to find her bag containing £400 worth of equipment had been taken from the back seat.

A rock had been used to smash window, which was still on the front seat, when the 37-year-old discovered the damage.

“I don’t think you can print what I think about whoever has done this,” she said, “I am so angry about it.

“I’ve only been facepainting for just under a year but it took me until January this year to get all the paints together.

“I’m just right back to square one now.”

Nicola, who works under the name Dippydocus, is now offering a £30 reward for the return of her equipment.

“Unless you’re a facepainter, these paints would be useless to you,” she said.

“If anyone knows anything, please let me know.”

Nicola, who volunteers full time at the Citizens Advice Bureau in the Albion Centre, paints at children’s parties about once a week to earn a little bit of money.

Occasionally she has offered her services for free, including in aid of Abbey Fenton, an Ilkeston toddler suffering from a brain tumour, for whom she raised £70.

To get back up and running she would need to fork out £120 for a basic facepainting kit.

“Luckily I had no parties booked in for the next two weeks so I’ve got time to get some kit together,” she added.

She left her car outside her home in Norman Street at about 6.30pm on Sunday after visiting her mother and discovered the damage at 8am the following day.

The yellow canvas bag is about the size of a large handbag and has a fabric flower attached to it, she said.

It contained about 40 small tubs of Diamond FX and Snazaroo brand facepaints and a number of paintbrushes.

Anyone who has information about the theft should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.