Killer jailed for at least 20 years

Nottingham Crown COurt.
Nottingham Crown COurt.

The friends and family of Jade Riley-Ward applauded when her ex-boyfriend was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court to life behind bars for her murder.

Cornelius Brown, 23, sat in the dock looking at the floor, and only raised his head when he was sentenced to serve a minimum of 20 years for stabbing to death Jade, who worked at Four04 Packaging in Hall Farm Way, Smalley.

Brown pleaded guilty to murder. At the sentencing, Judge Jonathan Teare told him: “You were 22 at the time you murdered your girlfriend Jade Riley-Ward. You are a young man with a history of violence and you demonstrated your violent character in the days before you killed her. You were intensely jealous and intensely possessive of her and this seems to be the reason you killed her.”

The court heard Brown, who had been in an eight-month relationship with Jade, had known her for many years and at one time she had been his babysitter. He thought she was having an affair.

She was described as a bubbly and vivacious young woman “who had everything going for her”. At the time of the attack at her home in Somercotes in September last year, she had been “utterly defenceless”. Judge Teare said it wouldn’t be wrong to describe the killing as ‘torture’.

The court heard Jade, 31, suffered 52 individual cuts to her face, torso and back and 31 defence wounds on her hands.