King’s Mill Hospital volunteers to host MRI Scanner Appeal cake bake

Kings Mill Hospital MRI Scanner Appeal launch.
Kings Mill Hospital MRI Scanner Appeal launch.

King’s Mill Voluntary Services are to host a cake bake sale on 13th December 2012 for our MRI Appeal.

The event, which follows on from a number of similar successful fundraisers, begins at 10.30am.

Cakes and pastries can be donated for the event at the PALS Office in the main entrance on the morning of the event, or the day before if they do not require refrigeration (office open 8.30-5.00 weekdays). Donations to our MRI appeal can be made by visiting Chad receptions, calling the customer services department at King’s Mill Hospital on 01623 672222, by visiting Sherwood Forest Hospital’s NHS Trust website, through Just Giving or by cheque.

All cheques should be made payable to Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charitable Funds.

See the Chad website for all the latest news on the MRI Scanner Appeal.

If you have a story or are doing a fundraising event for our MRI Scanner Appeal, get in touch with Stephen Thirkill on 01623 450292, by emailing or via Twitter @StephenThirkill.