Kirk Hallam Academy students' delight at A-level success

Students at Kirk Hallam Community Academy have been celebrating their A-level results today (Thursday).

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 1:32 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th August 2016, 4:24 pm
Kirk Hallam Community Academy student Gemma Massey.
Kirk Hallam Community Academy student Gemma Massey.

Pupils at the academy’s sixth form on Godfrey Drive, Kirk Hallam, joined thousands of other nervous teenagers across the country in finally opening their envelopes to discover the outcome of their exams.

Head of sixth form at the academy, David Cowley, said: “I’m really pleased that so many students have left here today with a smile on their faces having achieved the results they needed to move onto the next stage, be that university, higher apprenticeship or employment.

“Professionally, as members of staff, we want the students to do well for themselves and for the sixth form as a whole but we also care about them as individuals and it is really important to us that they achieve what they need to allow them to follow their chosen path. As a consequence, many of us couldn’t sleep last night ahead of the results.”

Henry Henshaw

Ben Collard achieved an A* in maths, an A* in further maths and a B in chemistry and wants to go on to study maths at university.

He said: “I’m very happy with my results and got 100 per cent on three of my maths papers. I’m slightly disappointed in my chemistry result, but overall I’ve got to be pleased that these were really good results.

“I had a conditional offer from Oxford for maths but have not yet heard whether I have a confirmed place but I’m positive whatever happens I will end up doing maths at a very good university.”

“I’ve really enjoyed it at Kirk Hallam. The staff have been very helpful and the standard of teaching, especially in maths, has been fantastic and very engaging.

Ben Collard.

“I’m looking forward to going to university and continuing my studies, meeting new people and making new friends.”

Henry Henshaw received an A in maths, A in biology and B in chemistry and has been accepted by Warwick University to study bio-chemistry.

He said: “I checked UCAS this morning and it said I’d been offered a place, but you’re never quite sure until you open your results. When you finish your exams, results day seems like ages away and then all of a sudden it has arrived and you’re dying with nerves.

“I’m really pleased with my results and am looking forward to going to Warwick.”

Henry Henshaw

Jesse Lewendon achieved an A in biology, B in chemistry and C in maths. He said: “The exams were really hard this year and at times afterwards you sit and think you’ve messed up. A-levels are a big jump from GCSEs but a good jump and they really gave me a kick to work hard to achieve my results.

“I have had a confirmed offer to study bio-chemistry at Nottingham but I am looking at the possibility of going to Warwick. I’m really looking forward to going to university. It’s a bit scary in a way but it’s exciting to look forward to.”

Gemma Massey got a B in maths, B in biology and B in chemistry. She said: “I’ve been really nervous leading up to results day but relieved once I opened my results and really happy with what I got. A-levels were very challenging.

“I’m now looking forward to studying bio-chemistry at Nottingham. I have been a couple of times and it’s a fantastic environment and I can’t wait to get started.”

Ben Collard.