Kirk Hallam Councillor hits out at government cuts

I welcome the fact that Jessica Lee MP and Councillor Jennifer Hulls are supporting the Tesco food bank initiative in Long Eaton.

Sadly there are many people who need supplementary help to be able to put food on the table. 
I happen to be a Councillor over the other side of the Borough, in Ilkeston representing the Kirk Hallam area. I find myself also supporting a food bank initiative run by a local church to feed malnourished school children. 
We face cuts in welfare benefits that are designed to hit the poorest in our society the hardest. 
Council tax benefits are a typical example with the government cutting the budget for this support by 10 per cent.
At a time when they have given a tax break to the very rich how can that be right?
Jessica Lee could play her part by trying to influence ministers to stop targeting the poor who seem to have to take the brunt of their many draconian policies. 
Cllr Hulls could have played her part at the last full council meeting by voting for the recommendation of the Independent remuneration panel on councillors expenses, which would have meant a modest decrease for all of us.

Cllr John Frudd

Kirk Hallam Ward