Kirk Hallam schoolgirl starts flying lessons

alice hatton, 14, learning to fly
alice hatton, 14, learning to fly

A KIRK Hallam schoolgirl is following in here dad’s flightpath and is studying for her private pilot’s licence.

Alice Hatton, 14, took her first flying lesson at East Midlands Airport last week and told the Advertiser she is already hooked.

“I’ve been up with my dad a few times and always said I’d like to learn to fly as well.

“I’m taking lessons now and then I’ll take my test when I’m 16 for the private pilot’s licence.

“I really enjoyed having a go and flying the plane for the first time.

“I’d like to fly full time when I’m older.”

Alice, of Heanor Road, took off from Don Air Flying Club, based at East Midlands Airport.

Alice’s dad, David, said: “She’s always enjoyed going up with me so I was thrilled when she said she wanted to start lessons.

“I’ve had my licence for ten years now so it’s great that Alice wants to take it up.”