Kirk Hallam staff and pupils to reunite

Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College.
Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College.

A group of former Kirk Hallam Community School pupils have tracked down old classmates from as far afield as America for a reunion this weekend.

The get together has been organised by Tracy Mundin, Dawn Staniforth and Paul Chambers.

Paul said: “Networking sites have certainly helped in making contact but we still need to rely on word of mouth to find everyone.

“We have travelled around to where we think people live and work and in most cases been successful but some friends still elude finding, which is a shame.”

As well as pupils from between 1974 and 1979, former staff are expected to attend the event on Saturday night (March 29) at the Sir John Warren, Ilkeston.

Paul added: “The gap between staff and pupils appears to have diminished over the years so it will be fun to see if people can differentiate between us.

“Kirk Hallam Community School was officially opened in 1974 which meant we were the first full year to attend so that is another reason to have a get together.”