Labour’s Living Wage promise for Erewash

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Labour in Erewash have pledged to pay all council workers at least the Living Wage if the party takes control of the council in May.

The promise was made after students from Sandiacre’s Friesland School gave a presentation to Labour councillors at a meeting in Long Eaton as part of Catherine Atkinson’s Living Wage campaign.

One in four working people in Erewash are now earning less than the Living Wage - £7.85 an hour.

Labour leader Alex Phillips said: “Too many people aren’t paid enough to make ends meet these days. A Labour council will take the lead and abolish low pay.”

Catherine Atkinson, who is leading the Erewash Living Wage Campaign said: “I believe in the principle that a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. I want to help tackle low pay and the rising cost of living - so people in our community can afford to look after their families.

“That’s why I’m bringing together people to campaign for a Living Wage - and getting results.”

Catherine is talking to companies and organisations about the benefits of paying at least the Living Wage to all their employees, and leading a new group - the ‘Erewash Living Wage Campaign’.To get involved, people can contact Catherine on 07827 917 156.