Lakeside development is a ‘kick in the teeth’

So, am I to understand that with the Shipley Masterplan, and hot on the heels of kicking most local people in the teeth by allowing the Lodge House opencast extension, DCC intends selling-out local people again so that the corridors of a depleted mid-recession County Hall can be repopulated with superannuated staff?

This latest debacle comes after DCC publicly stated that housing would not be part of any plan, whilst in the background it has worked tirelessly to lift covenants preventing any non-leisure development.

I remember well enough the promises made for the Shipley site prior to the opencasting misery of the early 1970s, only to see this gone shortly afterwards.

So, having cashed-in on the original opencasting and again with the two theme parks, DCC has a new generation at the helm looking to cash-in on the “Lakeside” development.

Four lots of cash, and recently a fifth taxpayer-funded bonus from the Wildlife Trust for the purchase of a dubious “nature reserve,” with the public still fenced-out of the areas around Shipley Lake!

Particularly appalling are the frankly incoherent platitudes of Cllr Parkinson, who implies he opposes housing development, yet was the first to give Waystones a glowing recommendation four years ago, even then he MUST have known that housing was part of the plan.

Yet again, his comments to the Advertiser are aimed at fogging a vital local issue; he clearly knows what fresh horrors await locals.

He is not a member of the AVBC planning committee, and thus has no excuse for this secretive behaviour.

Having previously hidden behind accusations of “misquotation” by the press, the true situation seems to be that Cllr. Parkinson cannot remember which particular tale he has spun to whom.

500 houses on this site could soon be 5,000 - take a look at Shipley View, Cllr. Parkinson’s new stance of “500 homes wouldn’t be a lot” is disturbing and shockingly underplayed. If the figure of 500 (i.e. equivalent to four Mapperley Villages) is really “not true”, then what IS the true number? More, less, which? Time to fess-up.

If there remained one ounce of decency at County Hall, then the fence would have come down once the former theme park had been demolished – but of course if the fences come down, the perceived Matlock-bound cash-cow might escape!

Ghost of Ratty