Latest Ilkeston court results:

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The following cases have been dealt with at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court:

Liam Belcher, aged 22, of Windermere Avenue, was charged with having no car insurance or M.O.T certificate. He was fined £600 and six points were added to his driving licence. He was also ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £60 surcharge. The offence was proved in his absence.

Desmond Hartwright, aged 54, of a Manor Road, pleaded guilty to driving while not wearing a seatbelt. He was fined £100, must pay a £20 surcharge and costs of £85.

Ashley Kirk, aged 21, of Nottingham Road, pleaded guilty to assault by beating. He was handed a restraining order which means he must not contact his female victim. He was fined £100, must pay compensation of £50, costs of £60.00 to the Crown Prosecution Service and a criminal courts charge of £150.

Jamie Lewis, aged 22, of Monsall Avenue, was jailed for 28 days for non-payment of a £793 fine issued by the court in June 2014. He was already serving a custodial sentence.

The following people were fined for having no TV licence:

Samantha Binns, aged 25, of Godfrey Drive.

Luke Charlton, aged 28, of Byron Street.

Ann-Marie Crossley, aged 35, of King Street.

Tim Hardy, aged 46, of Hallam Fields Road.

Natalie Hickling, aged 32, of Naggle Gate Close, Stanley Common.

Theresa Law, aged 51, of Cotmanhay Road.

Hollie Leatherland, aged 60, of Harshay Close.

Louise Anne O’ Neill, aged 27, of Cotmanhay Road.

Susan Paylor, aged 54, of Dovedale Circus.

Stephanie Sowersby, aged 34, of Stamford Street.

Samantha White, aged 41, of Godfrey Drive.