Law bid to stop street urinating

Michelle Booth, Labour candidate, Ilkeston West.
Michelle Booth, Labour candidate, Ilkeston West.

Labour councillors in Erewash are pushing for a new byelaw to prevent the scourge of public urination in the borough’s town centres.

Under an old byelaw people caught urinating in the street can only be issued a very limited penalty by the police. Now Labour councillors want to replace the antiquated byelaw with one that could lead to a maximum £500 fine and a trip to the local magistrates’ court.

Pushing for the new byelaw is county councillor for Ilkeston West, Cllr Michelle Booth, whose ward covers part of Ilkeston Town Centre.
She said: “During a recent local police panel meeting, it was highlighted that the terrible anti- social practice of public urination is steadily on the increase in our towns. This at a time when the borough council has just launched a Love Your Town initiative.

“At present, I think it may well be a little known fact that an old byelaw exists and that the police are limited to issue penalties. Yet the law that is supposed to help us monitor such poor practice is not seen to be effective because it has not been reviewed for many years.”

She also pinpointed the impact on health and safety to local residents and the clean-up costs, and the damage it can do to property.

Cllr Booth says the aim is to put the byelaw forward at the next full council meeting to stamp out this ‘awful and lazy’ practice.