Legacy of store - thousands for charity

I would like to respond to the Advertiser’s reports on the closure of the Co-op department store in Ilkeston.

I do not think the majority of people realise what the Co-operative really means to Ilkeston.

Besides trading as a department store, the management, staff and committee members do much more than turning up for work and running a business.

Through member relations, they get involved with local people and schoolchildren from young enterprise programmes in schools to offering healthy breakfasts instore for children and ethical challenges.

These projects help children learn how to shop healthily and on a budget, also they are allowed to scan all items through the tills, which they love.

What other store does this?

We also take members on day trips, organise afternoon clubs and run Tai Chi classes. These activities are just those which take place in Ilkeston and shows a real Co-operative difference.

The store has made thousands of pounds for the corporate charity through evening events from quiz nights and bingo nights to fantastic fashion shows.

This fantastic work often does not get reported, but when it’s a closure it makes the front page.

I would like to thank everyone who is associated with Midlands Co-operative for all their commitment over the years and we will miss all the store’s activities, from raising funds for local charities to connecting with and being a part of our community.

Ilkeston Co-operative department store will be missed and I just hope all those people find newcareers, as they deserve so much more. llkeston will never be the same.

Jenny Noon

Ladywood Road,