Let’s call it Stapleford tram station

The tram is coming, the tram is coming.

Everyone keeps telling us what a great thing the tram will be. But for some reason they forget to let people know it starts/finishes in Stapleford, Toton Lane in Stapleford.

It’s NOT the Toton tram, it’s NOT the Chilwell Tram. It’s the Stapleford Tram. The site on Toton Lane IS in Stapleford.

A little mistake but a big error to make. It’s important to get it right.

Can the station be named the Stapleford Station, this is what many people are asking here in Stapleford? It’s important to have Stapleford on the map. It could be good for local businesses.

So please, please can the powers that be get it right?

It’s in Stapleford, let’s call it the Stapleford Tram Station.

Richard MacRae,

Chairman of the Stapleford Community Group.