Let’s get Ilkeston ‘Back on Track’ together

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Enough is enough. That is the bottom line.

For too long have the people of Ilkeston been promised a train station with nothing happening.

Get Ilkeston Back on Track campaign

Get Ilkeston Back on Track campaign

Well now is the time for us all to join together and do something about it.

One voice shouting about an issue can easily be ignored. But 37,500 voices all working together for the same ends are not so easy to brush under the carpet.

That is why the Advertiser has launched this new ‘Get Ilkeston Back on Track’ campaign to pile the pressure on the people who make these decisions.

Is it right that Ilkeston has been left without a train station for 43 years?


Is it right that Ilkeston is the largest town laying on a railway line without a station?


Is it right that this issue has been allowed to drag on and on and on for so long?


So let’s make sure our voice is finally heard.

A train station could have a remarkable impact on Ilkeston itself.

Not only will it ease pressure on the congested road network, but it will show potential investors in the area that this is a town going places.

A railway station is a must for any modern town and improved travel links could make a massive difference in encouraging new businesses to set up in Ilkeston.

It could also re-invigorate the struggling town centre.

The easier it is to get into Ilkeston the more likely it is that people will come and shop here rather than driving to out-of-town shopping complexes and retail parks.

Inside you will find how you can get involved with our new campaign.

We are printing a petition slip inside each paper this week, allowing readers to sign their names to back our campaign.

But we will need everyone to help.

The more names the better so this is in your hands.

If you want a train station for Ilkeston, here is your chance to make a difference.

I’m not saying this will be an overnight fix.

But if we maintain the pressure and fight for the right outcome then I am sure we can make this a success.

So let’s all work together to bring some positive news to our town and bring Ilkeston back onto the rail network.

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