Letter: Boundary mergers

The Boundary Commission for England has proposed merging Little Eaton and Stanley. I am disappointed that this proposal has been presented to the Commission by the Conservative-led Erewash Borough Council and I was a member of the Labour team considering an alternative strategy.

A priority for Labour was to ensure that areas should not lose their ward names and identity.

As ward councillor for Stanley I feel that area identity has been sacrificed to electoral imperative and I write this letter to inform my constituents that I do not and will not approve.

There are many reasons why the changes would compromise the unique nature of Stanley.

We annually hold the Royal British Legion W5795 Bomber memorial, we have our own gala, we have two parish churches with healthy congregations, we have our own magazine, we have two well-used community centres; we have our own post offices, a local pre-school, two primary schools, drama groups and two lively village pubs. In addition, we have community farm shops and general stores, annual farm association meetings, football groups, a gun club, Christmas tree celebrations and last but not least, historical walks that are recognised by the Ramblers’ Association. The list is endless and is testament to the thriving community of Stanley and Stanley Common.

I want local residents to know that I will be delivering a letter to each and every household to encourage them to write to the Boundary Commission stating their disquiet at being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

The people of Stanley and Stanley Common recently fought hard to preserve the Greenbelt and countryside for generations to come, but they were ignored instead of being applauded for their efforts.

Should the present proposals go ahead, there will be huge implications with regard to future housing and other development plans, I feel. Erewash Borough Council will have been given the green light to ‘build and be damned.’

I urge everyone who cares about the green and pleasant land of Stanley to make his or her objections to the council and the commission. The democratic process is there to prevent decisions that will benefit a few rather than the majority. Stanley is now green and pleasant.

Like the vast majority of its residents, I, the elected Stanley councillor, want to keep it that way.

Cllr Linda McGraw