Letter: Buses need improving

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What an awful tale about the Ilkeston Fair trip made by the family from Stapleford, let down by late and non-existent buses! Many readers will empathise with Kerry Bryant’s dreadful bus transport experience (Readers View, Thursday October 31), not once but twice in the same day and that everyone in the family was left soaked to the skin is a terrible indictment of where we are at with the present system of privatised transport, subsidised by the public but unaccountable to us and still, people refer to it as ‘public transport’. The only ‘public’ thing about the bus service is, like taxis, that it transports the public - unlike taxi companies the bus companies receive large sums of money from the public purse, end of.

I’d like to think that Kerry will get her apology but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

Michelle Booth

Erewash Borough and

Derbyshire County Councillor